Teachers LOVE a sale!

Hello all! My complete and total apologies are in order. I have been out of this whole “blogging” world for a long while, but I’m back. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) this is what happens to a teacher when you are on a year round schedule. Please don’t hate me,Continue reading “Teachers LOVE a sale!”


Skittles Science

This year I made a firm decision that no matter what happens, I would include science experiments in my instruction.   It is my belief that we are not truly teaching science, if we are not conducting science experiments in our classrooms.  How else will the students begin to genuinely think like a scientist andContinue reading “Skittles Science”

Mapmaker, Mapmaker…Make Me a Map!

This is one of my favorite units….time to study early explorers!  I tried this activity last year and the kids loved it, and I definitely loved watching the results. To kick of this unit of early explorers, I have the students take on the Mapmaker Challenge. (Click to download document.) The students are put into groupsContinue reading “Mapmaker, Mapmaker…Make Me a Map!”

Native Americans, Dreamcatchers and Inferencing

This year my partner teacher and I are really striving to pull the essential questions and desired comprehension skills we want students to achieve BEFORE we plan the unit or chapter.  Chapter 2 of our social studies book is Native Americans and the different regions in the U.S.  The big idea is that people needContinue reading “Native Americans, Dreamcatchers and Inferencing”

Donalyn Miller’s 40 Book Challenge Reader’s Notebook

I’ve gone back and forth on this and I have come to a final decision.  So many teachers are out there trying to figure out the best ways to guide students to a love of reading and a desire for learning.  In past posts, I have mentioned books I have read such as The BookContinue reading “Donalyn Miller’s 40 Book Challenge Reader’s Notebook”

Trainings and Technology-Is anyone else’s mind on overload?

  Today was one of the first and many trainings I will receive this year.  (We are in year 4 of a technology/writing grant and have ongoing trainings to help us to use the myaccess.com writing program to better service our kids’ writing needs.)  And while I truly appreciate the technology we were given (aContinue reading “Trainings and Technology-Is anyone else’s mind on overload?”

Class Set Up

Really quickly—- just going to post some pictures of my new classroom.   Once my student work starts going up, I’ll spend more time explaining each part of the classroom.  I LOVE CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT! Students love when they can read at places other than their desks. The Writing Wall — now complete with pictures ofContinue reading “Class Set Up”

The Water Cycle!

Every year our grade level team chooses to begin science with the water cycle.  Why?  Because it’s honestly so fun to teach.  There are so many different activities and lessons that go with it, I just can’t get enough.  After watching videos and researching it in our textbooks, I love showing the students Mr. Parr’sContinue reading “The Water Cycle!”