Teaching Narrative with Crazy Pictures

Prior to beginning our writing unit on narrative text, I like to get the creative juices flowing! My students use a composition book for their year long journal. Mini-writing prompts, debates of the week, and any other informal writing is done in their journal. The purpose of the journal and the activities I choose areContinue reading “Teaching Narrative with Crazy Pictures”

Matter Flipbooks

We just wrapped up a unit of study on the three states of matter. As their final assessment, my students had to create these matter flipbooks. I gave the students the headings (Solid, Liquid, and Gas), a white sheet of paper (we make flipbooks alot), and some fruit loops. *I must note that I amContinue reading “Matter Flipbooks”

My New and Improved Library

Thanks to a wonderful teacher friend, my library arrangement has been significantly enhanced! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a little “crazy” about my class library.  I think “crazy” in a good way meaning I’m always trying to get more books for the kids, add little displays, rugs, chairs, etc.  I just wantContinue reading “My New and Improved Library”

Our Holiday Party!

Even though January is coming to an end, I still feel the need to share our awesome holiday party.  The kids had such a blast and I’m always looking for new activities/crafts/games for the students. Some teachers at my school do an ornament exchange or cookie exchange, but gor the past couple of years, IContinue reading “Our Holiday Party!”

Thank you, Rafe Esquith.

Code of Ethics Levels I’ve been meaning to write about this man, his book, and the things I learned from it for a while now.   There is so much in this book that it would be impossible to cover in one post.  I will focus now on his interpretation of Kohlberg’s Levels of MoralContinue reading “Thank you, Rafe Esquith.”

Kid President, I Love You!

Okay, okay… I know I’m supposed to be planning right now, but I just watched another one of this kid’s videos and I cannot help, but share. If you haven’t seen his videos, do yourself a favor and find him on youtube.com.   My personal favorite was one shared by our principal at a staff meeting.Continue reading “Kid President, I Love You!”