Can Silent Reading Be Meaningful for Students?

We’ve heard it all in regards to programs like D.E.A.R., SSR, Independent Reading Time, etc. “It’s a waste of instructional time.” “It doesn’t work.  Students aren’t really reading, they’re faking.” “SSR-oh, you mean the time each day that a teacher checks email?  Get rid of it.” The question still remains, is there a place forContinue reading “Can Silent Reading Be Meaningful for Students?”

They Must Read Every Day

I’m not sure what everyone else is reading, but lately I have been addicted to my “Educational Leadership” magazine.  This is ASCD’s flagship publication and I highly recommend it.  Currently, I’m reading an archived issue, ‘Reading-The Core Skill’.  (You can purchase these for approximately $8-$14.)   As some of you know, I am teaching summerContinue reading “They Must Read Every Day”

Donalyn Miller: The Hero that Liberated Me

A couple of years ago, I was validated and inspired by Ms. Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer.  If you have not yet read this book, it is a must.  Immediately after turning the last page, I went straight to my computer and tried to format and create an effective and explicit way to begin aContinue reading “Donalyn Miller: The Hero that Liberated Me”

Grab your partner and READ!

This year is the first year we have begun teaching novel units.  Our fifth grade team (who is awesome, by the way) fundraised money and went on to buy a total of ….SIX class sets of novels!  So excited!  The titles include the following:   My first novel was The Sign of the Beaver.Continue reading “Grab your partner and READ!”

My New and Improved Library

Thanks to a wonderful teacher friend, my library arrangement has been significantly enhanced! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a little “crazy” about my class library.  I think “crazy” in a good way meaning I’m always trying to get more books for the kids, add little displays, rugs, chairs, etc.  I just wantContinue reading “My New and Improved Library”

Our Holiday Party!

Even though January is coming to an end, I still feel the need to share our awesome holiday party.  The kids had such a blast and I’m always looking for new activities/crafts/games for the students. Some teachers at my school do an ornament exchange or cookie exchange, but gor the past couple of years, IContinue reading “Our Holiday Party!”

Reader’s Notebook: 40 Book Challenge!

After much reading, researching, and deliberating, I have FINALLY decided on my reading incentive program for the year.  I knew that I did NOT want anything to do with AR (Accelerated Reader).  This program, while it has its benefits was not achieving my goal for the classroom, which has always been for students to loveContinue reading “Reader’s Notebook: 40 Book Challenge!”