Can Silent Reading Be Meaningful for Students?

We’ve heard it all in regards to programs like D.E.A.R., SSR, Independent Reading Time, etc. “It’s a waste of instructional time.” “It doesn’t work.  Students aren’t really reading, they’re faking.” “SSR-oh, you mean the time each day that a teacher checks email?  Get rid of it.” The question still remains, is there a place forContinue reading “Can Silent Reading Be Meaningful for Students?”

They Must Read Every Day

I’m not sure what everyone else is reading, but lately I have been addicted to my “Educational Leadership” magazine.  This is ASCD’s flagship publication and I highly recommend it.  Currently, I’m reading an archived issue, ‘Reading-The Core Skill’.  (You can purchase these for approximately $8-$14.)   As some of you know, I am teaching summerContinue reading “They Must Read Every Day”