COVID: Lessons to Start the Year

Like all other districts in California, and many across the nation, we started this school year in a remote learning environment. I am the assistant principal at a year-round school. Our teachers and students began the school year, before most of the country had even made any kind of decision about how to open schools. Continue reading “COVID: Lessons to Start the Year”

They Must Read Every Day

I’m not sure what everyone else is reading, but lately I have been addicted to my “Educational Leadership” magazine.  This is ASCD’s flagship publication and I highly recommend it.  Currently, I’m reading an archived issue, ‘Reading-The Core Skill’.  (You can purchase these for approximately $8-$14.)   As some of you know, I am teaching summerContinue reading “They Must Read Every Day”

Constructive Conversations

If you have been paying attention to the transition to common core, you know that collaborative conversations between students are ESSENTIAL to student learning.  Learning is social; always has been, always will be.  And quality teachers know that quality lessons should include all 4 components of literacy: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  (Some might argueContinue reading “Constructive Conversations”

M&M Introductions

Happy July Everyone! So… what does an educator that has been out of the classroom for a year JUMP at the opportunity to do…why, teach SUMMER SCHOOL, of course!  Yes, you heard me right.  I was given the opportunity to teach a summer enrichment program for upcoming 5th graders and I couldn’t say “yes” fastContinue reading “M&M Introductions”

Donalyn Miller: The Hero that Liberated Me

A couple of years ago, I was validated and inspired by Ms. Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer.  If you have not yet read this book, it is a must.  Immediately after turning the last page, I went straight to my computer and tried to format and create an effective and explicit way to begin aContinue reading “Donalyn Miller: The Hero that Liberated Me”

Welcome Back Everyone!

Here we go again, people! It’s time for another school year.  (For those that work at a year-round school, you might have long since settled into your classrooms.  Hope it’s going well.) As I mentioned before, I have taken on a new role this year as an instructional coach.  I’m currently on Day 6 andContinue reading “Welcome Back Everyone!”

Contacting Parents…Help!

The beginning of the year is full of many things, but the one thing that comes to mind for me is PAPERWORK!  All of those emergency cards, contact information for mom/dad/legal guardian, email addresses, phone numbers, allergies, things the teacher should know, students’ likes and dislikes, etc. And the majority of it exists simply soContinue reading “Contacting Parents…Help!”