Contacting Parents…Help!

The beginning of the year is full of many things, but the one thing that comes to mind for me is PAPERWORK!  All of those emergency cards, contact information for mom/dad/legal guardian, email addresses, phone numbers, allergies, things the teacher should know, students’ likes and dislikes, etc. And the majority of it exists simply soContinue reading “Contacting Parents…Help!”

Trainings and Technology-Is anyone else’s mind on overload?

  Today was one of the first and many trainings I will receive this year.  (We are in year 4 of a technology/writing grant and have ongoing trainings to help us to use the writing program to better service our kids’ writing needs.)  And while I truly appreciate the technology we were given (aContinue reading “Trainings and Technology-Is anyone else’s mind on overload?”