Constructive Conversations

If you have been paying attention to the transition to common core, you know that collaborative conversations between students are ESSENTIAL to student learning.  Learning is social; always has been, always will be.  And quality teachers know that quality lessons should include all 4 components of literacy: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  (Some might argueContinue reading “Constructive Conversations”


Welcome Back Everyone!

Here we go again, people! It’s time for another school year.  (For those that work at a year-round school, you might have long since settled into your classrooms.  Hope it’s going well.) As I mentioned before, I have taken on a new role this year as an instructional coach.  I’m currently on Day 6 andContinue reading “Welcome Back Everyone!”

My New and Improved Library

Thanks to a wonderful teacher friend, my library arrangement has been significantly enhanced! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a little “crazy” about my class library.  I think “crazy” in a good way meaning I’m always trying to get more books for the kids, add little displays, rugs, chairs, etc.  I just wantContinue reading “My New and Improved Library”

Thank you, Rafe Esquith.

Code of Ethics Levels I’ve been meaning to write about this man, his book, and the things I learned from it for a while now.   There is so much in this book that it would be impossible to cover in one post.  I will focus now on his interpretation of Kohlberg’s Levels of MoralContinue reading “Thank you, Rafe Esquith.”

Kid President, I Love You!

Okay, okay… I know I’m supposed to be planning right now, but I just watched another one of this kid’s videos and I cannot help, but share. If you haven’t seen his videos, do yourself a favor and find him on   My personal favorite was one shared by our principal at a staff meeting.Continue reading “Kid President, I Love You!”

Class Set Up

Really quickly—- just going to post some pictures of my new classroom.   Once my student work starts going up, I’ll spend more time explaining each part of the classroom.  I LOVE CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT! Students love when they can read at places other than their desks. The Writing Wall — now complete with pictures ofContinue reading “Class Set Up”