Donalyn Miller: The Hero that Liberated Me

A couple of years ago, I was validated and inspired by Ms. Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer.  If you have not yet read this book, it is a must.  Immediately after turning the last page, I went straight to my computer and tried to format and create an effective and explicit way to begin aContinue reading “Donalyn Miller: The Hero that Liberated Me”

Donalyn Miller’s 40 Book Challenge Reader’s Notebook

I’ve gone back and forth on this and I have come to a final decision.  So many teachers are out there trying to figure out the best ways to guide students to a love of reading and a desire for learning.  In past posts, I have mentioned books I have read such as The BookContinue reading “Donalyn Miller’s 40 Book Challenge Reader’s Notebook”

Reader’s Notebook: 40 Book Challenge!

After much reading, researching, and deliberating, I have FINALLY decided on my reading incentive program for the year.  I knew that I did NOT want anything to do with AR (Accelerated Reader).  This program, while it has its benefits was not achieving my goal for the classroom, which has always been for students to loveContinue reading “Reader’s Notebook: 40 Book Challenge!”