Reader’s Notebook: 40 Book Challenge!

After much reading, researching, and deliberating, I have FINALLY decided on my reading incentive program for the year.  I knew that I did NOT want anything to do with AR (Accelerated Reader).  This program, while it has its benefits was not achieving my goal for the classroom, which has always been for students to loveContinue reading “Reader’s Notebook: 40 Book Challenge!”


Birthday Bags Done!

I’m so happy that all 34 birthday bags are finished! I don’t know about you, but I was never good at keeping track of all my students’ birthdays.  So instead of scrambling to find some lame pencil or sticker on the day of, now I’m prepared for the entire year.  Each bag is filled withContinue reading “Birthday Bags Done!”

What genre is this? Wait..what’s a genre?

The second week of school has come to a close for me, and I have to admit, I am pooped.  The kids have been awesome.  It’s just always an adjustment getting all your routines into place so everything takes A LOT longer than I planned.  Note to self:  Next year, try to plan less inContinue reading “What genre is this? Wait..what’s a genre?”

The Giving Tree

Every year I read one of my favorite stories of all time, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.   I’m sure you all know the story and if you don’t, please do yourself a favor, click on the link and just buy it.   You won’t be sorry.  I even bought myself the phone case forContinue reading “The Giving Tree”

Spaghetti & Marshmallow Challenge

Okay, so I guess I have time for one more.  Thanks to this post which contains an amazing list of different team building challenges, I did this activity for the second year in a row this week.  The kids, of course, loved it. The teams were challenged to build the tallest structure using the noodlesContinue reading “Spaghetti & Marshmallow Challenge”

Top 5 Teacher Qualities

So I made it!  I just completed my first week back to school (year round).  There are so many activities to post, but I’m short on time so I’ll have to settle for one.  Like many teachers, my first week back to school I plan many team building/partner activities.  I am trying to build aContinue reading “Top 5 Teacher Qualities”

I LOVE Scholastic Books!

So my summer is winding down. Who am I kidding? It’s gone. I start school on Monday (year-round) and I’m sitting in the living room revising and updating all of my beginning of the year information for parents and students. I just finished my Scholastic Parent Letter and I’m already anticipating all the new booksContinue reading “I LOVE Scholastic Books!”

Well, here goes nothin’….(gulp)

I finally decided to just “go for it” and start a teaching blog.  After many months of planning it in my head, tonight is the night.  I just finally decided that instead of following my plans of due research of how to set up a blog, checking out books and resources online to figure outContinue reading “Well, here goes nothin’….(gulp)”