Well, here goes nothin’….(gulp)

I finally decided to just “go for it” and start a teaching blog.  After many months of planning it in my head, tonight is the night.  I just finally decided that instead of following my plans of due research of how to set up a blog, checking out books and resources online to figure out how to set this up perfectly….blah, blah, etc.  I decided to just do it and learn by trial and error.  So I ask all of you teacher-blogger pros to offer up any and all suggestions/resources for a completely new and incompetent teacher-blogger. Help!  And, of course, I beg for your patience. 

Once I have this all figured out, I hope to be a source of inspiration and assistance to all of you in the teacher community.  My wish is to be able to give back to the blogging community instead of being a taker.  I have found so many wonderful, amazing teachers through pinterest (my obsession) and their ideas, lessons, etc. have given me the continued fire needed to survive this profession.  Check out some of the blogs I follow and you will find some jewels, for sure!  I particulary love rundesroom.com and teachinginroom6.blogspot.com.  They are so creative and generous with their ideas and my online mentors so-to-speak.  Whenever I’m in need of some creative juices, I just hit them up and just viewing their activities help me brainstorm how to teach my particular concepts.  It’s awesome!  It’s kind of like when you get the opportunity to observe or walk through other classrooms, even if it’s a completely different grade level, it gets your teacher mind flowing—“Oooh, this could work in my classroom” or “No, this doesn’t work for me, but if I tweaked it……”.   

So again, any suggestions or first time blogger advice would be much appreciated.  I’m currently on summer break from teaching 5th grade at a year round school.  Hopefully, I’ll take some time this month to work out inevitable kinks. 

We’ll see how this goes…. Wish me luck world! 


Published by Cortez Corner

Literacy instructional coach turned site administrator. Misser of the classroom. Reader. Wannabe writer. Barely blogger. Podcaster. Dormant Poet...I just know it.

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