Birthday Bags Done!

I’m so happy that all 34 birthday bags are finished!

I don’t know about you, but I was never good at keeping track of all my students’ birthdays.  So instead of scrambling to find some lame pencil or sticker on the day of, now I’m prepared for the entire year.  Each bag is filled with candy (that doesn’t melt–learned that the hard way), a pencil, and a homework pass.  Then each student fills out the birthday bag sign with their name and birthday.  I staple it to the bag and viola!  I am now ready for any birthday that comes my way.  🙂


My birthday coordinator is in charge of making sure each student receives his/her birthday bag on their special day.  They also make sure we sing a lively round of “Happy Birthday!”  It’s the best system ever because the pressure is off of me.  Yay!