Matter Flipbooks

We just wrapped up a unit of study on the three states of matter. As their final assessment, my students had to create these matter flipbooks. I gave the students the headings (Solid, Liquid, and Gas), a white sheet of paper (we make flipbooks alot), and some fruit loops. *I must note that I amContinue reading “Matter Flipbooks”

Skittles Science

This year I made a firm decision that no matter what happens, I would include science experiments in my instruction.   It is my belief that we are not truly teaching science, if we are not conducting science experiments in our classrooms.  How else will the students begin to genuinely think like a scientist andContinue reading “Skittles Science”

The Water Cycle!

Every year our grade level team chooses to begin science with the water cycle.  Why?  Because it’s honestly so fun to teach.  There are so many different activities and lessons that go with it, I just can’t get enough.  After watching videos and researching it in our textbooks, I love showing the students Mr. Parr’sContinue reading “The Water Cycle!”