Mapmaker, Mapmaker…Make Me a Map!

This is one of my favorite units….time to study early explorers!  I tried this activity last year and the kids loved it, and I definitely loved watching the results. To kick of this unit of early explorers, I have the students take on the Mapmaker Challenge. (Click to download document.) The students are put into groupsContinue reading “Mapmaker, Mapmaker…Make Me a Map!”

Native Americans, Dreamcatchers and Inferencing

This year my partner teacher and I are really striving to pull the essential questions and desired comprehension skills we want students to achieve BEFORE we plan the unit or chapter.  Chapter 2 of our social studies book is Native Americans and the different regions in the U.S.  The big idea is that people needContinue reading “Native Americans, Dreamcatchers and Inferencing”