Instructional Design and Educational Assessment…Yikes!

Tonight was the first class of the Spring semester. The decision was made to begin fully online until it was safe to return to campus. I will say, I miss in-person learning. The energy is just so different when you are sitting, staring at a bunch of screens. There is something to be said aboutContinue reading “Instructional Design and Educational Assessment…Yikes!”

Literacy Love Letters

My third year out of the classroom, and the experience has been bittersweet.  The joys and highs I feel supporting teachers, advocating for their needs in order to better serve students, and simply listening to their experiences is irreplaceable.  The bitterness comes from yearning to talk, laugh, and learn with students each day. When IContinue reading “Literacy Love Letters”

Wall of Gratitude & Praise

If there is one thing teachers know, it is that we do not simply teach academic content.  It is also our responsibility to instill character and compassion within our students.  From day one, we create and implement routines and procedures with the objective of fostering a safe and positive environment for all learners.  One canContinue reading “Wall of Gratitude & Praise”

I’m Baaaaack in Action!

My apologies to all for the lack of content and update on this blog.  I had some minor, ok major, things going on in life and I just couldn’t keep up.  I am happy to announce that I will be back in action committed to sharing thoughts, ideas, lessons, content, etc. on this blog.  AndContinue reading “I’m Baaaaack in Action!”