I love edmodo!

edmodoIf you don’t already have an edmodo account that you are using with your students, please do yourself a favor and get started.

Just a quick share to all who don’t know about it:  This has become the single best way I have found to communicate with my students.  (It’s been super helpful with parents as well, but Google Voice texting capability surpasses edmodo’s “alert” to parents.)

Edmodo operates and looks similar to a facebook page.  The benefit of this is that is so user friendly and students are immediately hooked.  I use edmodo in lieu of a classroom website.  I found my website extremely difficult to keep updated and, as a result, people stopped checking it.  Edmodo is a constant stream.  The homework is posted daily by my “Edmodo Administrator”.  The students are allowed to help each other and discuss issues related only to academics.  They can’t even private message each other!  They can only send me a private message and then I’ll be alerted via text.  I am able to quickly respond to a question on the edmodo app.  It’s awesome!

There are so many cool things you can do with it.  Here’s a list of just a few:

1.  Put all important tests and events on the monthly calendar.  Parents and students can view at all times.

2.  Send out “alerts” (think twitter) to all who entered a phone number at sign-up

3.  Homework is posted daily for parents and students to see

4.  Badges can be awarded to students (I created a bunch of my own.)

5.  Embed movies and article links to keep kids interested and checking in

6.  Save files to your library to stay organized

The list could continue, but I cannot.  It’s past my bedtime.  Edmodo takes literally 10 seconds to sign-up so check it out and take the time to view the intro. tutorial.

It’s well worth it!

Good night!


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