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SIFT Bookmark for Analyzing Literature--I used it for my poetry unit.  Awesome!
SIFT Bookmark for Analyzing Literature–I used it for my poetry unit. Awesome!

I hope all of you lovely teachers are taking advantage of the free and wonderful videos of The Teaching Channel. If you haven’t gone to the website already, you MUST use this incredible resource.

While searching the site one day, I came across a lesson called Using the SIFT Method to Analyze Literature.    I really liked how this method, or use of this acronym, broke down the components required to analyze literature.  It seemed to help the students keep focus and uncover the deeper, more abstract meanings of a text.  I thought this would work perfectly for my upcoming poetry unit.  (I will be sharing this unit at a later date…I loved it!)

Hopefully, you can check out this video to determine whether the SIFT method can work for you and your students.

*I copied this bookmark on to construction paper to keep it a little more sturdy.  My students continuously referred to it throughout the unit of poetry.*


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